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Welcome To First Years Montessori

We carefully take into consideration the unique needs of your child by creating short- term and long- term goals for continued success and learning.

A Few Words About us

As we know, a child’s early years are a critical period, not only for academic learning, but for developing life-long skills such as building confidence, creativity and an innate sense of self- motivation which are all necessary for fostering responsible and socially aware individuals in our communities.

Qualified Teachers

We have Teachers with 

An Engaging Personality and Teaching Style. ...

Clear Objectives for Lessons. ...

Effective Discipline Skills. ...

Good Classroom Management Skills. ...

Good Communication with Parents. ...

High Expectations. ...

Knowledge of Curriculum and Standards. ...

Knowledge of Subject Matter.

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Our School Services

The toddler program is for children between the ages of 10mths to 2.5 years. We have caring and attentive E.C.E. teachers for your child so you will feel comfortable knowing that your child is well taken of.

Family Age Group Program (10mths to 2.5yrs)

At First Years Montessori, the Montessori materials within the classroom environment are a starting block. The learning manipulatives give each child the opportunity needed to start exploring their environment.

CASA 1&2-Primary Program (2.5yrs to 6yrs)

Our Gallery

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CONTACT US:  |  Tel: 1(833)FIRST-YR (347-7897)

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